Fit4Function - Functional Movement Workshops

Fit4Function is functional movement training designed to bring a balance between flexibility and strength through your body’s natural ranges of motion. The classes includes elements of restorative exercise, functional range conditioning, and exploring natural movement patterns to build stability and ease of motion through all movements in your life.

Each series of classes will consist of four 1-hr weekly group sessions will focus on biomechanics, corrective exercises, and related movement activities for a specific area of the body. Although each class can be attended as a drop-in, the series will be designed to explore anatomical alignment and progress movement skills over the 4 weeks so provides the most benefit taken as a complete series.

The best part of movement training is that it’s for EVERYONE! If you identify with anything on the list below, this class is made for you!

  • You are a beginner or returning to movement practice and exercise
  • You are an athlete requiring balance and stability to your current training regime
  • You are post-injury and cleared to return to activity or have mobility restrictions
  • You want to develop/maintain range of motion and strength as you age

Many of us tend to gravitate to the fast-paced, hard-hitting training that makes us feel alive, while forgetting to slow down and take time to cultivate intentional control over our bodies natural ranges. From reinforcing good biomechanics to improving the brain-body connection, this class is a great addition for anyone.

SERIES 2 - Core to Pelvic Floor


NEW SERIES CLASSES – Every Thursday Mar 24th – Apr 19th at 7-8 pm (4 weeks)

From a strong core to restoring your pelvic floor, this 4-class series will teach you about the anatomy of your trunk and pelvis and how these important parts work together to keep you functioning well and moving easily.

Wondering who can benefit from this class? Just consider how easily you get up and down from the floor with no hands – not as easy as you thought, maybe this class is for you?

Ladies, have you had that conversation about peeing just a little when you sneeze? Let’s face it, if you haven’t, you have definitely heard it! This doesn’t just have to be accepted and this kind of movement class could help. Guys, what about those prostrate issues you don’t want to talk about but your doctor told you to do yoga? These classes can help you become aware of your natural movement patterns and learn corrective and movement exercises to promote balance in the pelvic, lumbar, and abdominal muscles. Join me for a movement practice that can help to create balance for the pelvic floor muscles, improve abdominal tone, and more!

A sneak peek at the curriculum for each week is as follows:

Week 1: Time To Align – The first week will cover a short overview of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and alignment points of the ribcage to the pelvis. We will explore how your individual body works together to support loads with several simple alignment exercises to help balance tension in the pelvic floor.

Week 2: Core Balance –  Focus will be on a combination of releases and strengthening exercises for the pelvis, abdominals, hips, ribs, and back. The class will include a small aspect of healthy breathing and builds on the movements from Week 1.

Week 3: Tilt-List-Lunge – If you feel weak on one side or the lower body, Week 3 is designed just for you. The hour will be filled exploring variations of pelvic tilts, pelvic lists, and lunges working the hips and pelvis mainly in the standing position.

Week 4: Sit, Move, Squat 2.0 – We will spend the final class of the series putting it all together with whole-body movement! We will review finding your functional squat, floor sitting with relevant corrective exercises and then complete a fun movement course to integrate and practice everything you’ve learned. And don’t worry - you can still attend this class if you haven’t made it for the entire series.

SERIES COST - $49 / Drop-In - $15


Series 3 - The Functional Foot 

"These feet were made for walkin'"... and that is what we will do in the next series. This class will explore barefoot mobility and movement exercises coupled with activities that progressively challenge your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and brain!

Series 4 - Shoulder Shakedown

Did you notice one day that you just can't scratch that spot on your own back anymore? Or maybe you are working on stability for that arm balance in yoga class. This 4-class series focused on mobility or the arms from wrists to shoulder girdle as well as unwinding tension in the upper spine and neck. Come join me to learn some exercises that will feel like a shoulder massage.

Instructor – Anna MacIntosh

 Anna MacIntosh is a local movement trainer in Burlington Ontario with a passion for combining science and movement for life. Anna is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and holds additional certifications in Restorative Yoga, ELDOA Levels 1 and 2 (The ELDOA Method™), Laynee Restorative Breathing™ Level 1, and is a current student of the Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement ™ Restorative Exercise Specialist Program. She couples a unique background in engineering with learning from various modalities to inform body alignment with the aim to improve functional movement for life.

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