Improve Your Quality of Life

Each individual has different needs, body types, fitness goals, and challenges to conquer and that’s where working with experienced personal trainer is invaluable. A personal trainer will help you discover new found confidence, a sense of accomplishment and an increased knowledge of health and fitness.

BodyFit4Life trainers will work with you to reach your fitness goals by providing proper personal training and diet guidance, motivation and support. Whether your goal is to get strong, drop body fat or gain lean muscle, our trainers have the know-how to get you there. We believe in always putting the customer first and providing superior customer service, to keep our clients happy, motivated and most of all reach their goals.

Reasons to Hire a Trainer

Jillian Lee - Cleint
  • Fast track your results and learning curve

  • Gain lean muscle and drop body fat

  • Develop real strength in your legs, core & upper body

  • Inject motivation and intensity into your workouts

  • Add the structure, discipline & accountability you need

  • You hit a plateau and need to change up your training routine to keep getting results

  • You are an athlete that is looking to take your fitness to the next level

  • Prevent injuries and rehab pre-existing ones

  • Stay focused on reaching your fitness goals

What’s Included in your Personal Training Package?

  • Fitness Assessment

  • Body Composition Analysis, Measurements and Bi-Weekly Check-ins

  • Personalized Whole Food Nutrition Protocol

  • 7-Day Nutritional Reset Plan

  • Customized Training Program

  • Fun, Challenging & Results-Driven Workouts - 60 Mins

  • Home & Travel Workouts

  • Unlimited Support via Email & Text Messaging