I met Carrie in April 2015 when I joined her Outdoor Bootcamp Classes. I have always loved fitness and I was looking for a way to get back in shape and gain my strength back after becoming a mom, and an unexpected kidney surgery a year prior.

Carrie motivates you to push yourself to your personal best. Her workouts are always fresh and challenging (I have yet to do the same workout twice in over a year). I have also gained an amazing Bootcamp family. The energy within the group is contagious!

To this date I have lost 23lbs and 25 inches overall. I feel fit, strong and confident. She is the best thing that has happened to me!

- Aleksandra Devine



I initially contacted Carrie over two years ago because I felt stuck in a rut. I had always been an active person, but once my daughter entered my life, I had trouble committing to a workout routine, sports team or any of my usual workout avenues. It just seemed too hard to fit in and there was always a reason to put it off.

I hired Carrie to come to my house to kick my butt back into shape. Within a few months, I had people telling me how much fitter I looked, how much happier I seemed and I felt better able to keep up with my daughter and more mentally prepared to take on the world. As an added bonus, my daughter who was three at the time, loved doing modified workouts too or "helping" Carrie with the session. I had a great workout and my daughter was always active and engaged too.

Since opening her own studio, I have been attending Carrie's lunch time tabata sessions and I have been loving it. Our second child is only a few months old and Carrie is very welcoming of both my daughters at the sessions when needed. While I get an amazing workout, my daughters see how much I enjoy physical fitness, the comradely amongst those who attend the sessions and what it means to look after your body's mental and physical wellbeing.

I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone. I feel like I am in great shape and she really cares about not just me, but my family, too. Calling Carrie that first time is a decision I am grateful for each week as I am sweating it out in the studio.

- Wendy Million



When I got pregnant I had not been exercising for years and had done some yoga. I was lucky that I was not overweight but I had no muscle mass whatsoever! My areas of weight gain were always thighs and butt. I had promised myself that after pregnancy I would get into the best shape ever. Three months after having a baby boy I started my work with Carrie. She came 3x a week and I started with doing standing push-ups (on a wall) I couldn't even do one on my knees!

After 3 months of working with the amazing Carrie, I noticed huge changes on my body. Tighter stomach, butt, legs, lots of strength and endurance. However,  I felt I still had that stomach layer, cellulite and so on. Carrie worked with me to create a guideline of foods to eat, since I hadn't changed my diet when we started. After changing my diet, and working out with Carrie 3x a week. Eventually adding 2x workouts on my own (a week) I have to say I have never looked or felt better. I am going on 30 this year and I am a mom, I feel and look better than I did in my early 20s. The food plan and Carrie's workouts worked within months! It was magical when I had to take all my clothes into the taylor because nothing I owned fit and it felt great!

I have been and am staying with Carrie for over two years now. She has become a friend and confidante. Not only does the modify my workout to challenge me continually but also is able to modify for injuries like a chipped elbow bone or shoulder injury. She understands your emotional levels and knows just when and how hard to push.

Stay strong and beautiful Carrie!    

- Gordana Tomic



When I first started training with Carrie, my expectations were that she would be fairly similar to every other trainer that I have ever worked with.  I could not have been more wrong with my assumption.  I can honestly say that I have been with Carrie for almost a year and have still yet to do the same workout twice.  She pushes you to do what you thought you were incapable of doing - she helps to set goals and make sure that you achieve them.

Carrie is not only an amazing trainer but she has also become a good friend.  The atmosphere that has been created at her bootcamps is one of encouragement and teamwork.  I would strongly recommend getting started with Carrie as soon as you can - your body will thank you!

- Samantha Petit



What can I say... I have had experiences in the past with previous personal trainers (pt) and I have to honestly say she has been the best one yet!  Her prices/fees are very fair with what she provides for you. Customise programmes with keeping in mind your goals, targets and limitations.  Very flexible and accommodating , she works with your hectic schedule.  She goes above and beyond. Your interaction with her just doesn't stop when your 30mins to 1hour of personal training is up. She provides you with additional health information etc on off hours. She looks not just at the physical aspect of your health but the sum of all parts - holistic approach is what she tries and does achieve.  She motivates you to push yourself to become a better person inside and out. Have you seen her physic?!?   I am very thankful to have her as my pt but more honour to call her my friend.  Happy her dreams and aspirations are coming true for her.

- Michaela Grenier



Carrie has been my trainer for the last 2 years and has been an helping me get in shape but not only for my body but also my balance and core strength. Also making me push past my comfort level. I would never have guessed that she would make it fun and addictive and look forward to working out.  You never know what she has in store for you in every class as she changes it up every time.  Thanks Carrie for believing that I can do it.

- Robin Dawkins



I have been doing Carries boot camp for 10 months now and you will never do the same boot camp twice! She is tough and pushes you to the next level!  She is a phenomenal teacher, trainer , and I love going to her classes - you leave feeling energized - and nothing short of know your just had your butt kicked.

- Vera Jans



I have been going to BodyFit4Life Bootcamps for close to 1.5 years now, and I would say that mostly due to Carrie (the owner/trainer) the experience has been better than any other personal trainer, crossfit, yoga, or fitness class experience that I have ever tried in the past.  Carrie puts so much fun, laughter, and energy into the workouts that it is truly inspirational.  She motivates me to get through her very often rigorous classes, yet I have probably had the lowest injury rate of any workout regime in the past.  She creates a great family atmosphere from which I have made many new friends, with her being one of them.  I feel strangely dedicated to her, and I’m sure most of the other trainees do as well.  

Keep it up Carrie! BodyFit4Life is the Best!

- Theo Meimar



I have been overweight my entire adult life. Two years after giving birth to my daughter, I still had not lost the additional weight I gained during pregnancy and I was having difficulty keeping up with her. I finally stopped making excuses and decided to take control of my health. With Carrie's help I lost 45 lbs in 9 months, going from squeezing into a size 16 dress to comfortably wearing a size 10.

Carrie is passionate about helping her clients reach their goals and it shows through the effort that she puts into planning every session. No two workouts are ever the same, and she challenges me to reach my potential, which has kept me motivated. Carrie has encouraged me to focus not just on the numbers on the scale, but on the improvements that I have made to my fitness level. I have never felt stronger or healthier, and I am proud of the example I am setting for my daughter.

- Jillian Lee